The newly established NICER Lab at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory recently installed

Nu Plasma3 MC-ICP-MS

Nu Sapphire MC-ICP-MS

Nu TIMS instrument

for high precision isotope measurements.

Sapphire (Collision Cell) MC-ICP-MS

Low energy path with hexapole collision cell


Nu Plasma3 MC-ICP-MS


    If you are interested in obtaining data from any of the routinely analyzed isotope systems in the NICER Lab or if you want to discuss potential projects please e-mail us:


    Mars 6 Microwave digestion system

    We have a Mars 6 microwave digestion apparatus for the acid digestion of rocks, plants, soils, and biological materials.

    If you have questions or like to process your samples please contact Kathrin Schilling (Email: [email protected])

    Clean Labs